Peter Corbett, LICSW
Psychotherapy and Training Seminars
in Western Massachusetts
Therapeutic Services:
1)Individual & Couples Therapy
2) Student Life Skills and Study Skills 

Looking for Therapy?  

Typically, we seek therapy when we are somehow feeling stuck in life. I believe the best therapy provides a balance of both 'challenge' and 'support'  to help us find our way through this time of impasse.  

Seeking help at these times is a courageous act because we must be willing to endure a certain degree of vulnerability in sharing our story.  In your work with me, I shall respect the courage this takes and you will find that I share your intention to come out the other side of therapy with a larger, more effective repertoire of wisdom, insight, and skill necessary to construct the most happy and meaningful life possible for yourself.

I've been offering therapy/counseling services in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts for the past 25 years.   During this time I've developed a number of interests and specialties.  
Among these are: 

1) Helping people with anxiety and/or depression move beyond coping to a sense of meaningful, comfortable engagement in their lives.
2) Helping treatment resistant men work through initial hesitancies, finding the inherent value in therapeutic reflection and relationship skill development. 
3) Helping couples in crisis replace contentious relational patterns with the skills for cultivating empathic connection as a foundation for effective and loving partnership. 
4) Helping students successfully accomplish the transition from high school/college and into life with greater competence, independence, and capacity for relationship.

  Though these areas of specialization may seem varied,  I've found that each area offers me challenges and connection to people working on different kinds of issues in a way that keeps me excited about my work. Please feel free to contact me directly with specific questions about how I might address your particular needs or concerns.

Student Life & Study Skills Seminars

The Life and Study Skills Seminar Program is designed to help high school and college students successfully navigate the often daunting transition from late high school to college.  
Most high school/college age students are deeply intimidated by this transition and parents and schools often offer very little formal guidance as to how to go through the adjustment with the larger perspective and skill needed to meet demands.  In this program we teach the specific skills needed for meeting the challenge of independence that latter high school and college life requires, so you may not only survive but, thrive personally, academically, and socially.

Learn more about these classes and how to register on the  Student Life and Study Skills pages.

Peter Corbett, LICSW   
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